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opened its doors in 1997 and we continue to strive for perfection and exceed our customers expectation. We are constantly finding new ways to improve our offering and quality dishes.

China Village is built on the principles of making authentic quality dishes and providing a friendly atmosphere. We listen and strive to provide the best exciting dishes we know our patrons are sure to enjoy.

Today, China Village is known for its high quality traditional chinese food and its dedication to using only the freshest, high-quality homemade sauces and ingredients. Mr.Sung takes pride in preparing every food that comes out of his own kitchen. Food is his passion and he loves to sing while preparing the food.   



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The Evansville Courier Wednesday, August 27, 1997

Good food, elegant presentation mark China Village

By Linda Negro

Assistant features editor


It is amazing what one little detail can mean for a meal. 

Much as a single long stemmed rose can enchant a room, a simple, elegant garnish can elevate a dinner.

It is a delicate, hand-carved orange butterfly that drew my attention when four friends and I stopped at Bell Oaks Center in Newburgh to try the area's newest Chinese restauraunt, China Village.

Cut from a scant eight-inch-thick slice of carrot, a butterfly alighted on each of two special dinners we ordered.

We visited the restauraunt on a Sunday night, long after the crowds at the ample buffet had left.. We created our own buffet of sorts, each ordering diffrent dishes and passing them around the table.

We started with appetizers, sharing Puu Puu Tray ($7.95, serves two) and an order of Crab Rangoon (six for $2.50). The Puu Puu Tray surrounded miniature hibachi that were sizzling when they were placed on the table.

Each platter included two samples of Crab Rangoon, tempura battered and fried shrimp, egg roll, barbecued rib, and strips of tender beef. One of my dinner companions got busy, doused the strip of beef wih plum sauce, grilled it and then warmed up the rib.

The beef was good, but the rib didn't have much flavor.

The Crab Rangoon had a crisp gold-brown piched pocket of dough around a creamy filling.

The shrimp tempura was greasy. The small crisp egg roll, which was wrapped in the nearly see through rice flour wrappers, had a tasty filling.

I also sampled the hot and sour soup ($1.25). This was a good thick broth filled with bits of meat, mushrooms, and vegetables with a touch of spice and sourness.

I was intrueged by another offering of Crabmeat and Corn soup.

The two specials we ordered included General Tso's chicken and Crispy sesame chicken (both $8.95). Both included battered and fried chicken wrapped in a sweet sauce, but there was subtle diffrences between the two.

The General Tso's chicken had a slight tardness to the sauce to cut the sweetness. The sesame chicken was sweeter and had the wonderful flavor of the sesame seeds covering it. I'll have a hard time picking my favorite between the two.

I chose a standard Cantonese dish Beef and Pea Pods ($7.45). The thin slices of beef were tender and steeped in a full bodied brown gravy with a hint of garlic. The pea pods were large, crisp and tender. We also sampled Broccoli Beef ($7.45). It had a same tender lean beef in the brown gravy with tender broccoli florets.

We wanted a chicken dish with the most vegetables, and the waiter suggested Moo Goo Gai Pan ($6.95). The sliced white chicken meat was steeped in a clear sauce with fresh broccoli, mushrooms, snow peas, and carrots.

The meal were served with a choice of fried or steamed rice. the fried rice was not as deluxe as dinner selections of fried rice which are packed with meat and vegetables. But this rice has been fried with soy sauce and a bit of egg.

The restauraunt also offers three low fat dishes steamed mixed vegetables, steamed chicken with vegetables, and steamed shrimp with vegetables.

It also features a vegetarian menu.

Our waitress was attentive and kept the hot tea coming.

The lunch buffet is served daily from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Lunch specials including soup, fried rice, and egg roll, are also available from the price of $4.95 to $5.95.

A dinner buffet is offered from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day.

The restauraunt is the creation of Sean Sung and his wife, Lynn Ta. __________________________________________________________________________


Location:8423 Bell Oaks Center in Newburgh

Hours:11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Carryout:Call 858-8238

Personal Checks: Not accepted

Credit Cards:Visa, MasterCard, Dicover

Disabled: Restauraunt and restrooms accessable

Dress: Casual





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